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The GCAP consortium consist of 200 members over 28 countries. It consists of privately held corporations, banking financial institutions, global insurances, royal families, and governmental agencies, and It has been reported to the United Nations and registered by the Ministry of Commerce of China and more than 30 countries. Global GCAP Task Force in: North America (US, Canada) , Greater China (Hong Kong), Israel, Netherlands, Indonesia, Spain, France, UAE, Germany, Poland, Thailand, Australia,México, Peru, Serbia, Armenia, Albania, India, Bolivia, Russia, UK, Brazil, Venezuela Dominican Republic, Philippines.

Our members have access to global banking credit facilities and understand the financial instruments and its operation. We also have access to global energy and commodities resources via head of the states and private enterprise network.


Financial Management

  • GCAP and its team members will provide our GCAP financial capabilities to facilitate the local refineries and enterprises as joint collaboration efforts to leverage our maximum resources;

  • Local refineries will work together with the local banking in link with the GCAP financial platform to provide financial resources that is necessary for local refineries to operate

Supplier Chain Management

  • GCAP Group will share its other global supplier chain for the purpose of local refineries relief ;

  • GCAP will coordinate the internal and external resources of the group. The supply chain from the beginning of purchasing to meeting the end customers will reduce the risk faced by the enterprise and realize the profit growth with the least cost when the supply chain changes according to the market demand.

Sales and Marketing

  • GCAP and local refineries and enterprise shall cooperate with each other for the urgent distribution of refined products and other resources to meet the increasing regional needs;

  • GCAP and Local refineries shall work together with other global local refineries and enterprise communities to meet the demand of oil byproducts.


“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther


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We are looking forward to working with you and/or your team in order to provide the desperately needed raw materials (crude oil, fuel oil, bitumen) ; as well as financial resources as well as the necessary logistics required .

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